WARNING: This ridiculously EASY and incredibly FAST tool is ONLY for those who are currently making less than $3,000/Month online who are ready to COPY their way to success

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If you're a home business entrepreneur who would love to make money online, but who seems to keep struggling with "information overload" and an inability to do the technical mumbo jumbo…

Then WebCopyCat is going to make you happier than a chubby kid in a candy store!

Life changing video is only approx 12 minutes long


Affordable (for those who want to make $5,000/month online
     but don't have that kind of money to get started)

Created for those who DON'T want to figure out any of the   
     technical mumbo jumbo like hosting, ftp, & .html

Video & Text Step-by-Step (Crystal Clear) "Copy Me" Setup
     Instructions That A 3rd Grader Could Follow

Focuses on building YOUR list...no one else's
FAST! Start seeing results TODAY!
A support staff that actually answers your questions
Shows you numerous ways to get TONS of traffic (even who to
     outsource your traffic driving to)

 "Done For You" Option...You can have us put everything
       together for you!

Build As Many "Money Machines" As You Want
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First, We Chose The Most Profitable Niche Markets

If you want to make money online, the first thing you must do is chose a niche market that will allow to to generate tons of cash! Niche markets like "Underwater Basket Weaving" are only for those who want to make a few hundred extra dollars per month. 

We're interested in the "BIG MONEY" niches, like:  Making Money Online, Weight Loss, Stock Trading, & Personal Development. If you're not sure what niche to be in, then trust me when I say that you want to be in one of these billion-dollar niches! Besides, chances are pretty good that you're already interested in at least one of this niche markets yourself. We allow you to set up as many "niche specific money machines" as you want, and we even add a new niche market "money machine" to our members area every month for no additional charge!

Next, We Created Entire Business Systems (a.k.a "Money Machines") For Each Niche

We hired the best graphics people to create powerful (and customizable) lead capture pages for each niche. Then, we created a series of auto-responder follow-up messages for each niche so that you wouldn't have to spend hours writing them yourself (we even show you a secret 7-second method for getting all of your auto-responder messages ready to go!)

Then, we created a sales-video for your prospects to see after they opt in on your list. And we integrated everything with the highest converting clickbank affiliate products on the market. In other words...
YOU get the check
whenever the system makes a sale for you!

Finally, We Added More Traffic Driving Techniques Than You Could Shake A Stick At

Once your system is set up (in as little as 27 minutes...or...just have us do it for you) we share with you numerous ways to drive traffic to your new site! We even give you direct access to our "secret company" who you can hire if you want to outsource much of your traffic driving efforts for less than what you'd have to pay the 12 year old next door to work for you.

But remember...success is a process, not an event. That's why we have customer support that ACTUALLY answers your e-mail questions, and we offer MEMBERS ONLY ongoing advanced training!




“... My First System Up In 45 Minutes”



"Devon, I just wanted to say that I've never seen instructions that were so easy to follow. I had my first website system up about 45 minutes after I purchased WebCopyCat and now it's on to the traffic information you've provided for us!  I cant thank you enough for this system"

                                           -Marjorie Williams





“... WebCopyCat Is EXACTLY What I Needed!”



"I just became a member of Webcopycat. It is awesome man, I'm already getting ready to do some article writing. I also want to say that webcopycat is exactly what I needed bro. Lolo Jones would be proud of you - LOL.  It's now time to drive traffic wish me luck! Thanks for all your support"

Chris Ibarra 

“...I Believe In Myself Again”



"You seem to have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s with this program. Thank you so much, you are now making me believe in myself again. After nearly hitting rock bottom you have given me hope once again.May you have all the success you deserve."

                                           -George Taylor


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“....This Looks To Be A Very Good System”



"Devon, I just wanted to say that once you get one site setup, the rest are real easy. It looks to be a very good system. Thanks"

                                           -Robert R


“...Appreciate The Simple Setup”



"Aloha Devon, I am on your program and sending it thru and got the system set-up. Appreciate the simple set-up. Now I need to get traffic and start making some money. That’s the most exciting part and I know things don’t happen over nite. Gosh I stayed up last nite till 12am going thru all your video clips 1 thru 50, cool stuff."

                                           -Lani Kee


“....Thank You Thank You!”



"thank you to for this big break for me all i have to do now is send traffic now to my two websites andi know now i will be make some money...Thank You Thank You"

                                           -Thomas J Jacob





"Great product man, homerun!"



Try WebCopyCat Today For Just $5!


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